Systems are designed to your requirements for audio and video-conferencing.  We can provide complete systems with touch-screen control programming and automation for displays, cameras, microphones, and lighting for your board room or basic table-top (phone) conferencing units for your huddle rooms.



Cameras for video-conferencing can be fixed-focus or PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom), requiring control.  Control of cameras can be fully automated to follow the presenter, or via remote control through an operator.


Microphones for audio and video-conferencing can be mounted in conference tables, hung from ceilings, or wireless (for presenters).  Beam-forming microphones can digitally track where speech is coming from and focus on that spot with a great deal of accuracy.


Displays are generally wall/ceiling-mounted monitors or projectors and projection screens depending on the size of the room and the viewing distances from the screen.  We work with architects, electricians, and construction contractors to fully integrate the system into you room technically and aesthetically.



The magic is the Meeting Owl’s 360 video,audio and intelligence. It sits in the center of the conference room table, and automatically highlights different people in the room as they talk.
The result is a much more natural meeting experience for the remote attendee. No need to ask someone to turn or shift the camera.


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