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Systems are designed based upon actual measurements of your event space and your system requirements for speech and/or music.  We survey your room, take acoustical measurements, then we build your room, virtually, in our computers.  Information is evaluated in computer simulated environments.

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Our computer modeling software provides speaker data from all major speaker manufacturers, (JBL, EV, BOSE, Community, Renkus-Heinz, and many more) with hundreds of speaker models, to choose the proper coverage pattern, SPL, and dynamic range for your venue. After installation, we make final adjustments to maximize coverage in audience areas and minimize acoustic feedback.With these tools & your room data, we can accurately predict and acoustical performance in your venue

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Mixing consoles have changed greatly over the last decade.  Digital consoles have become increasingly “user-friendly” and have many built-in features that nearly eliminate outboard devices (effects, dynamics, equalization, etc.).  Many digital consoles will also allow wireless operation via iOS and Android devices.  Analog mixers are also available and may be recommended for smaller venues with less demanding needs.

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Stage monitoring has also changed for the better.  Personal monitor mixers and “in-ear” monitoring systems are available in wired and wireless versions.  The ability to limit the stage volume by getting rid of the big, old floor monitors and give the performers control allows the sound operator to focus on the house sound and also eliminate the need for the house system to compete for volume (with your audience stuck in the middle).



Wireless Microphones come in many variations and price levels.  We can evaluate your needs and recommend the proper system based on your needs and choose the proper frequencies for the area where they will be used.  We follow FCC changes to keep you up-to-date on what frequencies are currently available and which are now illegal for public use.



Noise/sound-masking is a frequent request for open office areas and other spaces where conversations and meetings need more privacy.  Sound-masking systems are designed according to manufacturer’s specifications then installed and commissioned by our technicians.



Another benefit of computer simulated acoustical room modeling is the ability to apply and evaluate various acoustical treatments in the room. Acoustical treatment is generally specified for rooms with excessive acoustical reverberation.  Applying treatment on room surfaces tames the reverb allowing speech and music to be heard and understood.  Acoustical treatment comes in various types, sizes, shapes, & colors, and is even available as a spray-on material.

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