Systems are designed per your requirements, recording, and video streaming purposes.  The required display/screen size and brightness is determined by the viewing distance to the screen and the level of ambient light in the room.  Video resolution is chosen in accordance with the source you intend to display.  Typically, the higher the resolution, the higher the price will be.  We can help you determine what you need so you don’t buy more than you need.



Projectors are now available in varied brightness, resolution, and with the option of Laser/LED engines instead of lamps.  The lifespan is 5-10 times that of models with lamps.  We also choose appropriate mounting hardware for a professional installation.



Screens are available as electric-motorized, manual, fixed, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, etc. and we will select the proper size and aspect ratio for your situation.



Displays/TVs are increasingly used when a projector & screen is not practical or space is an issue.

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